Louisville International Airport (SDF)

Uber is officially authorized to operate at SDF as of December 10, 2015

How to pick up from SDF:

  • Head to the southern corner of the cell phone lot (TNC Waiting Area)

  • When you enter the corner of the lot, you’re automatically placed in a digital queue

  • When you receive a request, head to ground transportation lanes located just outside the terminal door and stop at the marked Uber pickup zone 

  • Complete the trip as normal, but remember - the airport charges riders an additional $2 and collects it as a surcharge, which does not affect your earnings. (Make note when calculating your weekly earnings!)



How does the app know who’s been in the queue longest?

Our database calculates each partner’s position in line based on a ‘digital fence’ around the waiting area. When your GPS coordinates enter the fenced area, you are placed next in queue.

What if I use another app on my phone while I’m waiting?

In order to keep your place in the queue, the Uber Partner app must be open and in the foreground.  Taking calls, playing games or surfing the web may cause our system to think you’ve just arrived, and place you back at the end of the queue.  Also keep in mind, if you leave the cell phone lot before accepting a trip request or go offline in your partner app, you may lose your current place in the queue.

A car got here after me, but got a request before me. What gives?

Each product (uberX, uberXL, UberSELECT) has its own line.  Vehicles who receive requests with a shorter wait period than you are likely in a different product class.

Do I have to stay in the cell phone lot while I wait?

YES.  If you are parked anywhere besides the southern corner of the cell phone lot (TNC Waiting Area) you will not receive any requests.

Can I receive a request if I wait closer to the terminal?

NO.  The only way to receive a request is by parking in the TNC Waiting Area and waiting for your turn in the queue.

Do I need to show anything to pick up at SDF?

All Kentucky driver-partners are required to display trade dress on their dash.  If you are questioned by airport security, you can also show them your waybill.