Derby Daily - Friday

Friday brings the second biggest night of the week, but also one of the busiest days of the year. Requests will be as high this morning as they were last night, which means you’ll want to hit the road by 9:00am to take advantage!

Friday's Events

Suggested Times to Drive

Don’t miss out on the early rush; sign online to take advantage of the morning hours with riders leaving hotels to head to Churchill Downs. This afternoon will remain busy with the final visitors landing in Louisville.

By 5pm, make your way towards the suggested pickup locations for one of the biggest nights of the year. High earnings will continue through the early morning hours!

Looking Ahead

Saturday, May 6th

Pro-Tip - Contact Your Rider

  • “Much like today, the Derby tomorrow will bring HUGE demand early in the morning. If you’re planning ahead, 8am-1pm will be extremely busy, followed by a break from 1-5pm, leading up to the biggest night of the year!” --Janeesa