Derby Daily - Thursday

Happy Thursday! The main Kentucky Derby™ events kick off today, bringing thousands of rider requests your way all day long. Read on for the event details, best places to be and a pro-tip to perfect your pickups! 

Thursday's Events

Suggested Times to Drive

Morning demand will pick up by 11am and remain constant until demand spikes at 4pm for the evening’s events. If you can’t drive in the morning, you’ll want to be on by mid-afternoon to catch the demand bump from Thurby at Churchill Downs!

Demand tonight will be higher than even a normal Saturday as many of the Derby visitors have now landed in Louisville.  Expect Churchill Downs, Downtown and other entertainment areas to drive the biggest demand.

Looking Ahead

Friday, May 6th

Craving more events? Head back to the Derby homepage:

Pro-Tip - Contact Your Rider

  • “Finding your riders quickly will help you make multiple pickups from large events. Tap the ‘notepad’ in the top right corner of your partner app to contact your rider and organize the perfect pickup!” --Whitney