Derby Daily - Tuesday

Welcome to your Tuesday edition of the Derby Daily. Each morning this week, you can expect to receive a new update from the Uber Kentucky team detailing the day’s events, best times to drive, and what’s coming up the next day. All editions will be added to, allowing you to plan your online time for the upcoming festivities. Check back often for updates!

Looking Ahead - Wednesday, 5/4

Dawn at the Downs | Churchill Downs, 7am - 9am
Live Racing | Churchill Downs, 11am - 5pm
Wine Festival | Louisville Waterfront Park, 5pm - 9pm
Beerfest | Waterfront Park, 6pm - 10pm

Today's Events - Tuesday, 5/3

Dawn at the Downs | Churchill Downs7am - 9am
Live Racing | Churchill Downs11am - 5pm
Bill Clinton | African American Heritage Center4pm - 7pm
Bernie Sanders Rally | Waterfront Park, 4pm - 9pm
Wine Festival | Waterfront Park5pm - 9pm

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