Derby Daily - Wednesday

Churchill will be open early again today with racing during the afternoon. Afterwards, events like Beerfest will attract riders to Waterfront Park. Read on for the upcoming events, as well as a Pro-Tip about navigating the Lousiville Airport. 

Wednesday's Events

Suggested Times to Drive

Sign online early afternoon to get your earnings started. Many Derby visitors will be arriving today and counting on you for transportation around town. With Beerfest tonight, you can expect riders to head towards Waterfront Park by late afternoon, and anticipate higher demand around 4th St Live during the late night hours.

Looking Ahead

Thursday, May 5th

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Pro-Tip - SDF Airport

  • “Tens of thousands of travelers will be flying into Louisville’s airport Thursday-Saturday. Understanding how pickups work from SDF will help you spend less time waiting, and more time earning. Visit for all the info you need to be a pro!” --Cameron

Incoming Flight Tracker

Scroll through the tracker below to follow when flights will be arriving on a daily basis.