Earnings 101

Learn how to maximize your earnings driving with Uber

Knowing when and where to drive is the easiest way to increase your earning potential! Read on for pro tips on where we see the most rider demand.

Where to Drive

This map indicates areas in the Louisville metro that have high demand.

While trip requests come in from all around the city, these areas are particularly busy.

Driving in these areas will help you maximize your earnings!

When to Drive

Taking advantage of the busiest times to drive can significantly increase your earnings. Whether you're a morning person, or prefer driving late at night, use this chart to help focus your online time around the busiest hours.


Although we see steady demand during the weekdays, weekends historically provide the best earnings for Uber partners. Ride requests (and partner earnings) increase as the night goes on. 9pm-12am will keep you busy, then stay on late for the best earnings after midnight!


Surge 101

Don't miss out on high fares; use the partner app to identify hot spots around the city. When you see an area is surging, that means fares are multiplied by the number shown! 

If you pick up a rider in a 1.7x surge zone a normal $10 fare will be worth $17!


Referring friends is an easy way to increase your earnings! Both you and your friends will receive a bonus after they become active and complete 20 trips!

You can easily refer your friends within the app by clicking "Invite a Friend" within the "Earnings" tab.