Halloween 2016

Halloween is just around the corner, and demand in Louisville is going to be spooky good. This year, we’re excited to bring you our Halloween Guide, full of tricks and tips to help you have a great weekend.


Halloween Earnings

Halloween is one of the best times to earn with Uber. Earnings per hour are over 70% higher during the hours of 8pm-3am compared to a normal Saturday.

You can keep up with increases in surge by setting up surge notifications on your phone. In your partner app, go to Settings > Notifications > Surge Pricing to turn on push notifications.

Halloween Requests

Halloween is one of the busiest nights of the year. Weekend demand will begin as early as Thursday this week and will remain steady through Sunday. On Saturday, expect a huge increase in requests as riders are looking to move throughout the city for Halloween parties, events, and more!

These areas will have the highest demand:

  • Downtown
  • Bardstown
  • St. Matthews
  • 4th Street Live
  • University of Louisville Campus

Halloween tricks and tips

Verify your trick-or-treaters
Lots of people will be looking to get in an Uber on Halloween - make sure you confirm your rider by asking for their name and then verifying it with the name in the app. If you do pick up the wrong person, let us know and we’ll help sort it out.

No costume left behind
Did someone leave their costume in your car? Snap a picture of any lost items and get in contact with the rider.

Too much candy? We can help. 
If a rider makes a mess in your car, simply request a cleaning fee and we’ll help you out. You can also prevent wear and tear on your vehicle by bringing cleaning wipes or putting down mats. You never know what costumes you'll encounter!

Trouble reaching your rider?
You can anonymously contact your rider through the clipboard icon in the top right corner of the app, if you're having trouble locating them. 

Ghoulish Halloween Events 👻

But most of all... have fun!

While Halloween is often fun for riders, we hope it’s fun for you too!

Feel free to get in the spirit by donning your favorite costume, handing out candy, or putting on a themed Pandora playlist.

See some crazy costumes? Want to share yours? Send us your pictures on social media!





Happy Halloween and thanks for making our Louisville roads a lot less scary!