How To Upload Docs

Do you have expired documents to update on your account or documents missing you need to submit? Now you can do so directly through the Uber Partner app!

Documents are typically reviewed within 24 hours. As always, be sure the documents are readable and have the correct information. For additional help on required documents review our guidelines:

As always, you can always upload your documents via your online dashboard too. Have any questions? Check out our help page or visit our Greenlight Hub.






How to upload docs via online dashboard:

Step 1: Log in to 

  • If your missing document is a personal document such as a driver's license, you can upload it on the "Profile" tab. 

  • If your missing document is a vehicle document such as vehicle registration or insurance, you can upload it on the "Vehicles" tab.

Step 2: Using the guidelines above, select the appropriate tab for the document which you'd like to upload.

Step 3: Click "Edit" for any missing documents shown in red.

Step 4: To add the document, select the file that you'd like to upload from your desktop

Step 5: If you are unable to upload your document using the steps listed above, please contact us. Your document should be uploaded within 12-24 hours of an online request.


How to add a vehicle to your account:

Ensure your car meets the minimum requirements for uberX/XL, uberSELECT or UberLUX.

Step 1: Log in to 

Step 2: Select the "Vehicles" tab. Find the "Add Vehicle" button at the top.

Step 3: Choose the Make, Model, and other details. If you don't see your vehicle model listed, contact us.

Step 4: Upload the required documents (as shown in the steps above)

Step 5: If your vehicle is not activated within 24 hours, please contact us with a request to activate the car. Your car should be activated within 48 hours of an online request.