Summer Concerts 2016

Concert season in Louisville means two things - huge crowds and big demand. Use these tips to navigate pickups and drop offs like a pro!

Locating Your Waybill

Due to road closures and traffic congestion, law enforcement officers may request to view your Waybill.

Waybills are unique documents within the driver-partner app that contain trip information for the current pickup or drop off, including the passenger's name, pickup location, and your name. You'll only be able to access a waybill while a pickup or drop off is in progress.

To access your waybill, simply open the driver-partner app, tap the icon on the top right corner of the "Current Trip" screen, and then tap "Waybill" in the top right corner of the menu that appears. 

Pickups and Drop offs

Use the following map to guide pickups and drop offs around Papa John's Cardinal Stadium for upcoming concerts.

East of the stadium: Use clear areas on the west side of Crittenden Drive
West of the stadium: Use clear areas on the east side of South 3rd Street

Drop offs
Please complete drop offs on Helm Street. To prevent causing further traffic and to avoid tickets from law enforcement officers, please do not stop on Floyd St. or Central Avenue.

As always, please obey instructions from law enforcement officers as closed roads may change as needed.


Contact your rider

Road closures and heavy traffic may affect how close you're able to get to your rider's request location. Call your rider to confirm where he or she is, and to coordinate an accessible pick up spot if necessary.

Check the weather

Concerts at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium are held outdoors. If rain is in the forecast, considering carrying old towels in your trunk just in case! 

Scan the backseat

With heavy demand to and from concerts, it could be easy for a rider to leave a phone or wallet behind. Double check the backseat as riders exit the vehicle to prevent any lost items.

Need help?

If you need help at any time, please reach out at