Thunder Over Louisville 2016

What you need to know:

  • This year's Kentucky Derby Festival kicks off with Thunder Over Louisville, the largest fireworks display in North America, at the Waterfront Park.

  • An average of over 600,000 people participate in the festival each year, causing demand to increase steadily throughout the day with peak demand occurring from 11pm-2am.

  • Some roads may be partially or fully closed due to traffic. Please remember to follow all traffic directions from law enforcement.

Pickups and Drop offs:

Uber has partnered with the Kentucky Derby Festival to provide two pickup and drop off locations during Thunder Over Louisville: on the north side of Main St between Preston and Floyd and on the south side of Main St between 4th and 5th. Please utilize these spots only when you are dropping off a rider or when you are picking up a rider in order to maintain the flow of traffic. Check out the maps below for details:

Perfect Your Pickups:

  • Kentucky law requires you to display an Uber "U" in your windshield, you can print one here.
  • Traffic and road closures may prevent you from reaching some areas near the Waterfront Park. Contact your rider to coordinate a smooth pickup. 
  • You can find planned street and bridge closures here. Please note that the Clark Memorial Bridge will be closed all day Friday and Saturday. 
  • Please utilize your hazard lights when pulled over to pick up riders.

Need Help?

  • Having trouble uploading your documents, or have general questions about Uber? We've got you covered! Visit us in our office located at: 400 E Main Street Suite 104, Louisville, KY 40202