Vehicle Inspection

As part of Kentucky’s state law governing ridesharing, all uberX partners will need to have their vehicles inspected annually. Please download the vehicle inspection form and bring it to an ASE certified mechanic or shop and upload the completed form to your Partner Dashboard.

Steps to Complete the Vehicle Inspection

  1. Download the Vehicle Inspection Form
  2. Bring the form to an ASE certified mechanic or shop
  3. Upload the completed form to your Partner Dashboard
  4. You can also bring your completed vehicle inspection form to office hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Uber requiring vehicle inspections?

Vehicle inspections help ensure all cars on the system are free from problems. This inspection is also required for you to comply with Kentucky’s state law governing ridesharing.

Where is the best place to have my vehicle inspected?

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Meineke! Uber Kentucky driver-partners are able to receive special offers and vehicle inspections for $18.95 at all Meineke locations.

Additionally, any ASE certified mechanic or shop will be able to complete the inspection.

How often will I need to get my vehicle inspected?

Once per year.

I have multiple vehicles on my Uber account, do they all need to be inspected?

Yes, each vehicle you plan on driving on the Uber system must be inspected.

What if my vehicle does not pass the inspection?

You need to address the points of failure and pass another inspection before  your vehicle will be permitted on the Uber system.

Do I have to get my vehicle inspected at the locations shown above?

No, you can get your vehicle inspected by any ASE certified mechanic or shop.

What if I live in another state?

If you are a Louisville driver-partner you will be required to have a vehicle inspection completed, regardless of what state your driver's license is from.

What if I have already uploaded the completed vehicle inspection form?

If the form has not expired, please re-upload it to your Partner Dashboard.