Uber will be at Meineke!

The Uber team will be at a Meineke location this Tuesday, 4/12! We will upload your completed vehicle inspection to make sure you can start taking trips right away! Make sure to call ahead to schedule your appointment. 

Location information

  • 4170 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Kentucky   (502) 499-9727         from 10am-3pm

All other Meineke locations in Louisville perform vehicle inspections as well! Click here for a list of all locations in Louisville- schedule an appointment to ensure quick service!

Don't forget- you can have your vehicle inspection completed by any ASE certified mechanic at any time! You can upload your completed vehicle inspection at partners.uber.com or by visiting us in office hours!

All partners are required to have a vehicle inspection completed for each vehicle they have uploaded to the Uber platform. For more information please click here